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ICS is a paint supplier committed to offering an experienced, consultative, single-contact resource for your whole paint line, from pre-treatment to final product assembly. ICS has strategic partnerships with suppliers of the highest quality products in the industrial coating industry.

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Pre-treatment is the chemical that strips oils and manufacturing residue off the welded parts and prepares the parts to accept paint. Pre-treatment is a crucial part of the operation, and regardless of how good the paint is, paint will fail in the field if pre-treatment is not properly managed. Not having a management control over this area would not allow ICS to offer the total finish quality they sell. ICS enjoys a strong relationship with manufacturers of the highest quality pre-treatment chemicals in the industry, including NewGenTec with their NuKoat and CitraKlean for degreasing and phosphatizing.


Equipment is not as crucial as pre-treatment and paint, but plays a key role in the proper application of both products. That being said, knowing the equipment and how it works is more important being the supplier. In most cases, ICS partners with the client’s existing equipment supplier. With paint equipment, knowledge of all of the comments to the paint system is critical, and the ability to adjust, maintain, and train painters in the proper application is especially important. ICS reviews your needs creates a system to meet your goals, from spray guns to complete paint booths.


Paint is one of the final steps prior to a product being shipped to your customer. Paint’s design and application determines how your product will withstand time in the field. A poorly painted product will rust, fade, and fail prematurely. That lessens the resale value of the items and tarnishes your image. ICS is knowledgeable in all areas of paint application and paint itself is our specialty. We work with two industry-leading paint manufacturers in order to supply the paint formulated to meet your specific needs in both paint and powder forms. Let ICS help you with total finish quality. 

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