Our Mission

Our mission here at Industrial Coating Services, Inc. is to provide TOTAL FINISH QUALITY. To do this, we need to cover all three areas of the finishing process.

  1. Pretreatment
  2. Paint
  3. Paint Equipment
  4. Robotic Automation

Our service technicians understand and have in-depth knowledge of these three areas which gives ISC a comprehensive service advantage. When we supply and manage all three areas, ICS offers a NO QUESTIONS 5-year paint failure warranty on your products.

Ninety percent of paint failures are system and process-related. When you have three different suppliers trying to attain true quality assurance, these suppliers have no vested responsibility for your quality control. ICS was founded more than 24 years ago with the idea that pretreatment, paint, and the application equipment are responsible and connect for one goal – total finish quality.


Celebrating 25 years!

Meet Our Founder

The founder of ICS, Randall Johnson, has a background and experience in the three areas essential to top-quality finish quality. Pretreat/Paint/Equipment. A service disable veteran with over 30 years in the finishing industry. Randall is a former Graco engineer and holds multiple patents related to finishing.

Experience in operations, management, engineering, including his time at Graco, one of the largest manufacturers of paint application systems in the United States, enables him to understand the entire finishing process.

This knowledge of the finishing system entirely is the founding principle of ICS. Pretreatment, paint, and the application equipment are all connected and in 1998, Randall founded ICS to achieve this total finish quality for manufacturers.