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Engineering-Based Solutions

Will save time and money


Comprehensive Training

Unmatched hands-on training


Robotic Process Automation

Advanced rotary atomizers & generative AI

Complete finishing solutions

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What do we offer?

Comprehensive solutions


Painter training and certification
In compliance with air permit requirements

Waste reduction:

Efficiency in application, overspray, paint suits, filter options, mil control


Solutions for painters that work. All Ergonomic upgrades are documented for each painter


From waste reduction to compliant equipment

Safety Training:

In all areas of application, handling, and disposal of paint-related waste.


We assure the equipment in place is applying product at the coating manufacturers’ requirements by monitoring flow rates and training applicators.

Robotic Process Automation

Advanced rotary paint atomizers and generative AI to deliver superior coatings and automation applications to manufacturing platforms. 

Strategic Partners


ICS has successfully installed Hentzen brand paint and powder products for over 20 years. As a leading manufacturer of high-tech liquid paint and powder coating products, Hentzen stands ready to provide innovative solutions to your protective coating needs. Whether an in-stock coating delivered as needed, or a customized chemistry to meet unique environmental demands is required.

Hentzen Coatings technologies are engineered to perform under extreme conditions. from primers to topcoats, in waterborne, urethane and epoxy technologies, they are continually improving- to exceed demanding military, commercial and general industrial applications.


ICS is committed to offering an experienced, consultative, single-contact resource for your finishing system – from pre-treatment to final product assembly.


Hentzen stands behind the ICS service philosophy supporting our efforts to service above and beyond the big box suppliers. We have worked with Hentzen to engineer unique solutions- regardless of the amount of paint you purchase. We can engineer a coating tailored to your needs, and to the equipment that applies it.

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Heavy Equipment


why choose ICS?

We’ve got you covered

There are three critical components to obtain high quality painted surface. 

1. The quality and specific characteristics of the paint used.

2. The preparation of the surface to be painted, its surface texture, cleanliness and physical or chemical properties.

3. The equipment used to apply the paint and cure its final finish.



Our standard service calls encompass complete paint line consultation on a regular basis.

Best products

We offer the best products available to ensure quality results.

Problem solvers

We think outside the spray booth and bring solutions that save time and money.


Our comprehensive start to finish process delivers results you can trust. 

Our expertise makes you look good

Top-notch training, the best products, and the strongest partnerships

Coatings are like frosting on a cake, they get all of the attention. We know the work that goes into building your product, let us help show it off with coatings that look amazing and stand the test of time.

  • On-site training
  • Engineering-based problem-solving approach
  • The best products on the market

Our one-stop approach ensures every aspect of your finishing system is working at its optimum performance.

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